Traveling with a Catheter


Is it Possible to Travel with a Catheter?

Traveling for the holidays is already stressful enough without having to worry about medical devices. If you are a catheter wearer or are a caretaker of a catheter wearer then you might have some reservations about traveling this holiday season. The need for a catheter does not mean you cannot travel, it just means it requires a bit more planning. Here is a guide to navigating your way around a road trip or airport with a catheter.

How to Travel with a Catheter

Packing enough supplies when traveling is important for any trip but especially so when it comes to catheters. Think about how many days you will be away and plan for how many bags you will need for that time. Be safe by packing extra essentials in case of an emergency.
Traveling by plane is a little tricky because of the TSA rules. For carry-ons, bottles that contain 3.4 oz. or less of liquids can be taken onto the plane and everything must fit into a 1 quart-sized clear plastic Ziploc bag. Make sure any disinfectants and lubricants and extra bags adhere to these rules. Pack extra bags and larger volumes of liquid in your checked bag if the trip you are taking is longer.
Look into the options you have in terms of the style of catheter. An intermittent catheter is designed to be travel ready by being a closed system and –pre-lubricated so there is less fuss while you travel. After all, there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a sterile environment to change your catheter while on the road. Nor will it be easy to change it in a small bathroom stall.

Catheters Online

Another way to be prepared and not have to worry about packing extra supplies is by ordering ahead of time and having them shipped to your destination. Give your hotel or family notice that you will be expecting a package.

At MTG, we provide the urinary catheters you need to have safe and comfortable travels. Such as the EZ-Advancer which make it easy to insert and bag that fits into a pocket for discretion. For additional information about our products, peruse our site.


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Mistakes to Avoid When Inserting and Removing a Catheter


Whether you are inserting or removing a catheter yourself or have decided to leave it to the professionals, you need to be aware of the mistakes that can occur. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure you are not subjected to the painful complications that can follow. Here is a list of the mistakes, how to fix them, and signs to look out for.

Common Catheter Mishaps

When inserting a catheter, these are the problems that can arise:

  • The balloon can fail to inflate after it is inserted which means the catheter will have to be reinserted. Be sure to check or have the doctor check the balloon inflates prior to use.
  • The balloon can also break while being placed inside. All fragments must be cleared by a doctor to prevent infection and other complications.
  • If the balloon is opened before the catheter is inserted, you run the risk of erupting the urethra. Go slowly and make sure everything is in its right place before inserting.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on urine flow. If urine is not flowing into the bag that is a sign of an obstruction or the position of the catheter is wrong. Your doctor will need to check the position or for obstructions. You may have to remove it and insert another catheter.
  • Also monitor for blood in the bag or around the area of insertion and signs of infections. If left in too long, an infection can occur.

Problems with removing a catheter are:

  • Injuries to the urethra because the catheter was not pulled out carefully.
  • Inflammation caused by infection can also lead to injury as well since it makes it difficult to remove. You will want to go slowly or seek the help from a doctor to aid in removal.
  • Clean the area after the catheter is removed to prevent infection from occurring.

Urinary Catheters

For some individuals, having a catheter inserted is a vital part of living a comfortable life. Knowing how the process should go will prevent any mishaps from occurring. For additional information about catheters or to purchase the right ones for you, look to MTG. We provide the right catheters for you.


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Urinary Tract Infection and Men


What is a UTI?

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is caused by bacteria inside your urinary tract. Normally bacteria is flushed out when you urinate but there is always a chance bacteria will remain and cause an infection. It can affect your kidneys, ureters, urethra, and bladder which are all connected and make-up your urinary tract.
It is rare for men to contract an infection but as you get older, your chances increase. Especially after the age of 50. Here is a guide to help you spot and treat a UTI.

Signs of a UTI

The initial sign of a UTI is frequent urination, keep note if you have to go to the restroom more so throughout the day and if you get up during the night. Pain or burning when you urinate is a clear sign of a UTI along with pain or pressure in your abdomen. Take note of the smell as a strongly scented urine is also an indicator of a UTI. There might also be possible leakage of urine.

Cause of a UTI

There are several reasons why one might contract a UTI, sometimes an infection is a sign of a bigger problem.
For instance you might have urinary tract problems, for example the inability to control when you pee. UTIs may also indicate a blockage caused my kidney and bladder stones. An enlarged prostate gland or infected prostate may increase the chance of a UTI.
Men who are uncircumcised have a higher risk of contracting a UTI because bacteria can become trapped under the foreskin and enter your urinary tract. Sexual intercourse can also lead to an infection if your partner has a UTI.

Diagnosing and Treating a UTI

Ultimately, a doctor will be the one to determine if you have a UTI or not. They will run a urine, blood, or imaging test. Antibiotics and urinary tract medicines to decrease pain will be described by your doctor.

Male Catheter

Sometimes a UTI can lead to the need of a catheter. For men, this can be extremely uncomfortable which is why we provide male catheters to ease the discomfort. We offer a variety of catheters so you can find your perfect fit. For more information about our catheters, visit our site to get your free sample or to order online.

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Helping Your Child with Their Catheter

mtg kid

Children and Catheters

Choosing catheterization for your child is not an easy decision for anyone. Sometimes it is a necessary procedure to have done. There are steps you can take to aid your child in the placement and care of their catheter. From being there for moral support to helping them empty their bag, your role as a parent to a child with a catheter requires a little more.

Caring for a Child with a Catheter

Your child may require a catheter at any age. If they develop severe issues that cause bladder problems, a catheter may need to be put in place. When the choice is made, it is imperative that the doctor and parent explain the procedure to the child if they are old enough to comprehend. Show support during the procedure and be aware if the child shows signs of discomfort.
You will then have to teach your children how to treat and care for their catheter. Show them what a proper cleaning entails during bath time and how to clean any parts of their catheter. This includes emptying their bladder and once they show an interest, show your child how to empty their bladder themselves.
Emptying their bladder should be a private matter which is why it should be done in the bathroom. This will instill the idea in the child that their body is a private matter. Once they are old enough, you can teach your child about self-catheterization. If they are truly ready, you can aid them in inserting their catheter into their urethra. This will be especially helpful once they attend school and you cannot be there to help them. You may also want to talk to their teachers and faculty to make them aware of your child’s condition. You will find that they are not only understanding but accommodating to your child.

Pediatric Foley Catheter

You really want to encourage your children while they wear a catheter. Know that bodies differ which is why you will want to choose the right catheter for your child. At MTG, we provide catheters designed for a child. They are designed with a child’s need in mind and to keep a child’s privacy. For additional information, visit our site.

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Eliminate Self- Consciousness by Disguising Your Catheter


Living with a Catheter

Be it a necessary part of your daily life or a temporary need, having a catheter is a vital part to your health. That does not mean it comes with its disadvantages, one being that wearing one can make you feel extremely self-conscious. Rather than be subjected to living your life to accommodate your bag or be embarrassed, here are a few helpful hints to hide your catheter and bag to live your best life.

Disguising Your Colostomy Bag

Staying active and living a “normal” life while having a catheter is not impossible. It is easy to feel extremely self-conscious when your catheter bag is showing. There are several methods that can be used to conceal your bag when you do not want it to show.
Some will tape our gauze the bag to a part of their body. In order to ensure all of the urine flows into the bag, it is good practice to place the bag in the thigh or leg area. By strapping it to this area you ensure that obstructions are kept to a minimum. You can also have secret pouches sewn into your clothing to tuck away your bag. Pockets sewn inside of your pants or dresses can easily conceal your bag and keep you from having to fuss with it when out and about. There are even special bags and belts that are made to keep the catheter bags out of your way and tucked inside of your clothing or strapped to your leg. If you are a wheelchair user then you can easily put the bag into a backpack or another pouch.

Free Catheters

While there is nothing to truly be embarrassed about when it comes to needing a catheter, some individuals like to have the option of hiding away the medical device. It is all about finding the method that works best for you and your lifestyle.
Much like choosing a method for concealing your urine collection bag, choosing a catheter also involves trail periods to find the one that that feels the most comfortable to you. At Medical Technologies of Georgia, we are devoted to improving the quality of life for those who need catheters. We offer a selection to choose from as well as free samples. For additional information or to get your free sample, visit us online.

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Caring for Your Catheter

untitledMaintaining Urinary Tract Health

Having a catheter may not requires surgery but it is a procedure whose aftercare is of the utmost importance. Those who have had the procedure done can fully comprehend the uncomfortableness they have felt and do not wish to undergo that process again. You do run that risk when you do not properly take care of the area in the right way. Here we offers some tips to care for your catheter so that you do not have to worry about that happening.

Catheter Care

When it comes to caring for your catheter, sanitation is key. Always make sure to wash your hands before and after handling your catheter to prevent any infection from forming. Clean the area around the catheter twice a day with soap and water. Dry clean with a towel afterwards. Unless you have been instructed otherwise by your health physician, it is perfectly acceptable to shower with your catheter and urine collection bag in place.

When you are cleaning the area, check for inflammation or a possible infections. Signs for an infection include pus and/or irritated, swollen, red, or tender skin.

Never allow the catheter tubing to become twisted or kinked. This will hinder the urine from flowing into the collection bag, which you always want to make sure it does. The urine bag should be below the level of your bladder but do not allow it to drag or pull on the catheter itself. At night, you can hang the urine bag on the side of your bed.

Always be sure to never pull or tug at the catheter as this can not only be painful but cause inflammation. Do not apply powder or lotion to the skin around the catheter as this could cause infections. Do not have sexual intercourse while wearing a catheter.

Urinary Catheters

Caring for the catheter is the easy part, finding one that works with your lifestyle can be a little trickier. At Medical Technologies of Georgia we are devoted to improving the quality of life for anyone who uses catheters. We manufacturer various types of catheters including those specifically for women, men, and pediatric. Our closed system used on catheters are intended to protect the sterility of the catheter while collecting urine. For more information, visit us online or contact is at (888)511-4239 for your free sample.

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Improving the State of your Nursing Home


It’s the little things that count

Our elderly deserve to be treated like royalty. After years of hard work, both in and out of the household, they should feel nothing but comfort in their later years. If you operate a nursing home, one of the top priorities needs to be the emotional well-being of your residents. If you are unsure how effective your team is at keeping your inhabitants happy, there are a few simple changes that’ll remove all doubt. Surprisingly, you’ll find that it’s the little things that have the greatest effect.

Encouraging the arts

The more they read books or listen to music, the better. Promote this type of mental stimulation by boosting your community book selection, or adding music to it. These simple joys add something fresh to their lives and harken back to the past. You can’t go wrong.

Get moving

Even if it means a walk down the halls and back, any and all exercise is excellent. Getting confined to the same old room or rooms gets old quickly, so extending recreation time or adding more day trips to the docket does a lot to promote enthusiasm.

Staff-resident interaction

Emphasize the notion that your staff needs to engage in conversation with occupants more often. Five minutes of simple chit chat is all it takes. Whether they stop by a few rooms every day or strike up a discussion while they take care of daily tasks, it’s all about bridging the gap between the two. Seniors need to feel like it’s their home.

Changing your medical equipment

Take a look at your equipment, does it improve the quality of living for your guests like it should? Things like wheelchairs, beds, and catheters are commonly used by the elderly. By affording them the best brands, it plays a huge part in overall comfort.

Especially catheters, which are traditionally one of the more unpleasant medical devices. We, at Medical Technologies of Georgia, have designed a catheter that makes intermittent catheterization minimally invasive. By stocking it in your nursing home, it can do wonders to improve the already-sterling quality of life for your tenants. It was designed for individuals with minimal hand dexterity so they can even use it themselves, instilling a sense of autonomy in them. Visit our website or call (888)-511-4239 for more information!

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